Rally de Portugal is an environmental example

06 novembro 2019

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) selected the Vodafone Rally de Portugal as the first case of environmental sustainability success in motorsports. Amongst the measures put in place by the Automóvel Club de Portugal prior, during and after the 2019 Vodafone Rally de Portugal, the IOC underlines the waste management work done.

With more than a million spectators during the four days of the Rally, the work done by volunteers in collaboration with the Portuguese Environment Agency and the several municipalities in which the event takes place was determinant to the renewal of the FIA Environment Accreditation.

Although motorsports does not have an Olympic discipline, the IOC recognises it as part of the Olympique Movement. Through its environmental accreditation program, the FIA intends to reduce the environmental impact of the World Rally Championship rounds, alert the sporting community towards environment preservation and increase the adoption of additional sustainability measures.

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