Vodafone Rally de Portugal more competitive and thrilling

16 janeiro 2020

The Portuguese round of the World Rally Championship will take place between the 21st and 24th May and will give fans lots of emotions throughout the itinerary comprised by 14 municipalities. A longer route, more kilometers against the clock, more special stages: Mortágua, Felgueiras and the return of the Porto Street Stage.

An intense program with the official start in Coimbra, by the Porta Férrea, at the University. The event’s HQ remains at Exponor, in Matosinhos, with administrative checks and scrutineering, Service Park and the majority of the starts and finishes of the 2020 WRC sixth round. With free entrance, this is the perfect spot for those seeking to see drivers, teams and WRC cars up close.

The Vodafone Rally de Portugal features 1,582.25 km, 330.98 of which against the clock over 22 special stages, an increase of four tests in comparison to last year.

Evening start in Coimbra

The first day of the Rally, Thursday May 24th, hosts the last test for drivers and cars with the Sakedown, in Paredes. This is also the place where fans will witness all cars and drivers in action for the first time.

In the evening, the Ceremonial Start in Coimbra, by the University’s Porta Férrea. Before that, an autograph session with the main drivers and the official WRC photo of the Vodafone Rally de Portugal.

New test in Mortágua

Friday begins with a passage through a Tyre Fitting Zone in Coimbra, and then off to a double loop over Lousã, Góis, with a new starting location, and Arganil, with a further 5 km. Between each loop drivers will regroup in Arganil.

The journey through the Centre of Portugal ends with a single passage over the Mortágua test.

The day ends in the North, with the sole Super Special Stage of the Rally in Lousada.

Saturday the Vodafone Rally de Portugal heads to the Vieira do Minho, Cabeceiras de Basto and Armante tests, the later shortened by 7 km. Even so, Amarante remains the Rally’s longest test and, for sure, one of the most demanding.

To cap the day, the return of the Porto Street Stage; a double passage over the 1.95 km drawn in and around the Avenida dos Aliados, by the Town Hall.

Felgueiras returns in the last day

The event’s last day represents a short leg, but a very important one with some novelties.

Sunday the Vodafone Rally de Portugal will feature a total of six tests, with Felgueiras making its return to the WRC with two passages, just like Montim and Fafe. The second run over the later will be held in Power Stage mode with extra points for the top 5.

The podium ceremony will be held by the sea, in Matosinhos, where thousands of fans are expected to celebrate with drivers and teams.

The Vodafone Rally de Portugal wouldn’t be possible without the essential support of the sponsors – Vodafone, BP, Hertz, Skoda, KontraProduções, Turismo do Centro e Turismo do Porto e Norte. Likewise,  a recognition for the commitment and effort of the municipalities of , Turismo do Centro e Turismo do Porto e Norte.  Bem como para o empenho e esforço das câmaras municipais de Amarante, Arganil, Cabeceiras de Basto, Coimbra, Fafe, Felgueiras, Góis, Lousã, Lousada, Matosinhos, Mortágua, Paredes, Porto and Vieira do Minho.


Thursday, 21st May 2020
Shakedown – Paredes (4,60 km) 09h00 / 15h00
Coimbra – Ceremonial Start 20h30
Friday, 22nd May 2020
Coimbra – Start 06h50
Lousã (12,35 km) – SS1 e SS4 08h08 / 12h31
Góis (19,46 km) – SS2 e SS5 09h08 / 13h31
Arganil (18,77 km) – SS3 e SS6 10h08 / 14h31
Mortágua (18,24 km) – SS7 15h58
Lousada (3,36 km) – SSS8 19h03
Saturday, 23rd May 2020
Vieira do Minho (20,53 km) – SS9 e SS12 08h08 / 15h03
Cabeceiras de Basto (22,22 km) – SS10 e SS13 09h08 / 16h03
Amarante (30,36 km) – SS11 e SS14 10h28 / 17h23
Porto Street Stage (1,95 km) – SS15 e SS16 19h03 / 19h28
Sunday, 24th May 2020
Felgueiras (9,16 km) – SS17 e SS20 07h08 / 09h53
Montim (8,71 km) – SS18 e SS21 08h03 / 10h48
Fafe (11,18 km) – SS19 e SS22 Power Stage 08h58 / 12h18
Marginal de Matosinhos – Podium 15h45

*Programme subject to changes by Supplementary Regulations and/or bulletins

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