Rally Media accreditation

21 dezembro 2019

Media Accreditation Procedures

International Printed Media, Websites and Photographers

Accreditation requests for International Printed Media and Website representatives should be made on the following website: https://wrc.ams.fia.com/

The FIA will send a written reply with their decision regarding the request.

This document has to be presented when picking up the accreditation.

If the Media representative is unable to attend the event, he/she should inform FIA about that until seven days prior to the Accreditation Centre opening.

Please note that news agencies must send their requests to FIA using the aforementioned website address. This applies to all news agencies, even those with representation in the country in which the event is taking place.


All accreditation requests for Televisions, National or International, should be sent directly to WRC Promoter by e-mail to: [email protected]

Commercial/Promotional Photographers

Those photographers fitting this profile should send their accreditation requests to WRC Promoter by e-mail to: [email protected]

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