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Welcome to the Vodafone Rally de Portugal Spectator Areas (ZE)!



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On the next pages you will find all the information you need to enjoy the 2018 WRC fifth round.

Taking into account the experience gathered during last year’s event, the organisation has more than 30 Spectator Areas (ZE) for this year's Vodafone Rally de Portugal so that you can feel live all the emotions of rallying in large areas. 

These Spectator Areas of the Vodafone Rally de Portugal are previously announced by means of a road book showing all the available accesses. Maps will also be available, as well as specific signage clearly placed on the terrain.

Similarly to last year, the organisation has made the decision of signalling and identifying the areas assigned to spectators within the several ZEs by using the GREEN colour and spe-cific signage.  It is exclusively from these areas that you will be allowed to watch the stars of the WRC in action at the Vodafone Rally de Portugal. All other areas are strictly NO SPECTATOR areas!

In most cases, the access to the Spectator Areas will only be possible from a predeter-mined hour, commonly 5 hours before the first car. This is a timeframe which will allow the public a tranquil access to the ZE.


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