Vodafone Rally de Portugal 2024

Thursday, April 11th 2024
Road Books, Maps and Rally Guide 2 available for competitors Website
Closing date for Pirelli type orders Supplementary
Closing date for FIA fuel orders Supplementary
Wednesday, April 17th 2024
Entry list published DNB
Thursday, April 18th 2024
Media accreditation closes for nacional media Website
Wednesday, 24th April 2024
Media accreditation closes for internacional media Website
Thursday, April 25th 2024
Media Safety Plan published Website
Saturday, April 27th 2024
Closing date for submitting Service Area Additional requests Website
Closing date for nominating competitor's official representative Supplementary
Saturday, May 4th 2024
Service Park opens to Manufacturers Exponor
Closing date for helicopter registrations Rally Office
Sunday, May 5th 2024
Service Park opens to all Competitors Exponor
Monday, May 6th 2024
Reconnaissance registration 12h00 / 21h00
Rally HQ, Exponor
Administrative checks and collection of materials and documents for FIA P3 and non-priority drivers
Collection of individual event access codes (and smartphones, if opted) for reconnaissance tracking APP, RS Lite TBA
Service Park, SAS workshop
Reconnaissance, Day 1 - Optional 14h00 / 20h00
See Appendix 2
Tuesday, May 7th 2024
Reconnaissance, Day 2 08h00 / 22h00
Supplementary Regulations
Administrative checks and collection of materials and documents for P1 and P2 drivers (by appointment) 08h00 / 12h00
FIA Rally Tracking Device delivery 14h00 / 20h00
Service Park, SAS
Deadline for all drivers and co-drivers to have completed the FIA e-learning online course for the FIA Safety Tracking Device 21h00
Supplementary Regulations
Wednesday, May 8th 2024
Reconnaissance, Day 3 07h00 / 18h30
Supplementary Regulations
Sealing for P1 competitors 08h00 / 12h00
Service Park
Technical scrutineering and component sealing for all other 13h00 / 23h00
Team Managers meeting (by invitation only) 15h00
Rally HQ
Media safety briefing 17h00
Media Centre
Helicopter pilots briefing 17h30
Rally HQ
Return of reconnaissance smartphones (if rented) 17h00 / 21h00
Service Park, SAS
Publication of Start List for Shakedown (P1 and invited drivers) 18h00
Drivers' Satefy Briefing (mandatory for all drivers and co-drivers participating in their first WRC competition in 2024) 20h00
Exponor Auditorium
WRC Promoter driver and co-driver photoshoot. Helmet and overalls required (mandatory for all Priority crews participating in their first WRC competition in 2024) 20h30
Rally HQ
Thursday, May 9th 2024
Shakedown for P1 and invited P2 drivers 08h01  09h30
Shakedown for P1, P2 and P3 drivers 09h31 / 11h00
Supplementary Regulations
Shakedown for P2, P3 and non-priority drivers 11h01 / 12h30
FIA Media Pen 11h00 / 12h30
Service Park
Start list for Section 1 published 14h00
Rally Cars enter Coimbra holding area 14h00 / 16h00
Autograph signing for all P1 crews 16h00 / 16h30
WRC drivers official photograph 16h40 / 16h45
Ceremonial Start / Start of the Rally, Section 1 17h00
TC 0, Coimbra
Meet the Crews (Selected P2 and P3 Crews) 18h25 / 18h35
Meet the Crews (Selected P1 Crews) 18h35 / 18h45
Start List for Section 2 published 23h00
Friday, May 10th 2024
Start of Section 2 06h45
TC1B - Figueira da Foz
Meet the Crews (P1 Team Principals + Top 3 drivers) 20h45
Start List for Section 4 published 22h30
Saturday, May 11th 2024
Start of Section 4 07h00
TC9D- Exponor
Meet the Crews (P1 Team Principals + Top 3 drivers) 21h00
Start List for Section 6 published 22h00
Sunday, May 12th 2024
Start of Section 6 05h30
TC18D - Exponor
Start of Wolf Power Stage 12h15
SS 22 - Fafe 2 
Rally Finish 14h25
TC22D - Matosinhos
FIA Post-Rally Press Conference 15h15
Trophies presentation - Podium 15h45
Final Scrutineering 16h30
Publication of the Provisional Classification 19h00

Opening hours HQ & Media Centre 

Date Day of the Week Rally HQ Media Accreditation Media Centre
06 May 2024 Monday 09h00 - 21h00 -
07 May 2024 Tuesday 08h00-21h00 14h00-19h00 14h00-19h00
08 May 2024 Wednesday 07h00-22h00 08h00-20h00 08h00-20h00
09 May 2024 Thursday 08h00-21h00 08h00-20h00 08h00-22h00
10 May 2024 Friday 06h30-23h00 08h00-13h00 08h00-23h00
11 May 2024 Saturday 06h30-22h00 - 07h00-22h00
12 May 2024 Sunday 05h30-20h00 - 06h30-22h00


Nota: this programme is subject to confirmation by the Supplementary Regulations.

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