Media Safety Book

However, the media is not exempt from having to respect safety rules and should always bear in mind that their behaviour in terms of safety is also an example to spectators. In general, respecting the safety rules should not interfere with their ability to perform their duties. Nevertheless, safety. 

Media are divided into two essential groups:

— MEDIA: Passes media, nominais e numerados, emitidos pela FIA ou pelo organizador da prova.

— TABARD MEDIA: Media passes, named and numbered, issued by the FIA or event organiser, plus numbered tabards issued by the FIA.

Check the Media Safety Book for the 2024 edition of the Vodafone Rally de Portugal.

Media Safety Book 2024

Safety Media Book

Media Safety Video

"Rallys are espectacular...but when things go wrong, it can be dangerous". The message comes from the many drivers who each year give this sport a name and reputation. And although rallies are events full of adrenaline and emotion, safety must be the priority for everyone present. Follow all the rules imposed for the Rally and respect the indications of the Marshals working. Remember: "No-go" means "No-go" for everyone.

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