Environmental Policy

Automóvel Club de Portugal, as the organizer of the Vodafone Rally de Portugal, will continue to work towards maintaining the FIA Sustainability Accreditation - 3 stars under the FIA Environmental Certification Framework.

The organization's goal is to continue to promote practices that reduce the event's environmental impact, as well as to continue and expand the implementation of measures in accordance with the FIA's sustainability program.

The Vodafone Rally de Portugal, as one of the WRC events with a large number of spectators, aims to set an example in terms of environmental policy at both the national and international levels.

In this regard, the organization will maintain partnerships with the Ministry of Environment, via the Portuguese Environment Agency, to mitigate the potential change in environmental conditions caused by the event.

As a result, the Vodafone Rally of Portugal will make every effort to continue the following actions:

A) Comply with all environmental laws and regulations, as well as the FIA Environmental Certification Framework; 

B) Promote and disseminate environmental awareness among the various agents (organization, drivers, teams, partners, sponsors and spectators); 

C) Encourage the use of private means of transport (carpooling and car sharing), as well as public or other means of transport when traveling to the event; 

D) Use renewable energy sources whenever possible; 

E) Continue to implement measures and form partnerships to increase and improve selective waste collection, as well as proper and adequate waste disposal; 

F) Using structures and planned tasks, we will promote and improve our environmental responsibilities; 

G) Involve all local governments in rally crossing areas; 

H) Continue to reduce the number of documents printed on paper whenever possible, prioritizing the use and consultation of digital documents; 

I) Encourage the reduction of the use of plastic and disposable products in favour of recyclable and reusable alternatives;

J) Consider environmental work when selecting partners and suppliers and choose products and services that are environmentally friendly.

K) Encourage the use of tap water, which is of high quality in Portugal.

Environment entities

Portuguese Environment Agency (Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, or APA)

Sociedado Ponto Verde



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